Control of Interactive Fiber Rubber Composites

The project is part of the DFG Research Training Group 2430 “Interactive Fiber Rubber Composites”. The aim of the project is the investigation and development of robust real-time algorithms for the combined open- and closed-loop tracking control of interactive fiber rubber composites. In particular, we want to achieve highly dynamic and complex deformation patterns. For the controller design, the nonlinear transfer characteristics shall be taken into account. Our research includes the identification and real-time modeling of varying process properties. Robust controller design methods have to be developed in order to achieve the desired functionality of the considered modules, even in presence of parameter uncertainties, tolerances, and drift. The controller design could be carried out using energy-based control concepts, sliding mode control, stabilization in terms of Lyapunov, or passivity-based techniques. These approaches require a scientifically challenging stability analysis resulting in robust real-time control algorithms.

Control of I-FEV